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The Narratives of Neurodiversity Network

The Narratives of Neurodiversity Network was formed by a group of researchers, most of whom are neurodivergent, to explore where stories of neurodiversity have existed, continue to exist, and may exist in the future.

We see neurodiversity as a vibrant and exciting new approach to the analysis of texts.

We want to see neurodiversity acknowledged in the curriculum as well as the classroom.

We want to foster and encourage a new generation of neurodivergent creatives.

We are dedicated to safe spaces for the neurodivergent, and the neurodiversity paradigm of difference not disorder.

Culture does not belong to the neurotypical. The art we enjoy would not exist without the neurodivergent. The neurodivergent have narratives and we are here to find them and cherish them.

Academic Chat: first Friday of every month
Creative Club: Fortnightly on Monday evenings
The Salon: Last Friday of every month